Book awards: 2017 edition // Wrap Ups

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Unfortunately in 2017, I didn’t have too many 5 star reads, and that’s super disappointing. Nonetheless, I am going to be listing my favourite books of 2017 in a similar style to my 2016 favourites (which can be found HERE)! Like the previous year, instead of listing my overall favourite reads of the year, I’m going to choose the best in specific categories. So, welcome to the first post of my yearly wrap up series: the book awards of 2017!!

(Let’s just pretend this was posted in January).

(Another note: I decided not to include any rereads because I reread the entire Harry Potter series and that’s not particularly fair on other books if I include them because THEY’RE AMAZING!!! Ahem).Read More »


10 YA book series to start in 2017 // Recommendations

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Today I’m going to be listing the YA series I want to start in 2017. I am always late to any trend and take a long time to get around to the iconic books of YA fiction, so I plan to start many this year so I don’t have to run away from all the imminent spoilers that circulate this earth. Also, then I don’t have to mumble something about not even starting the series every time someone asks of my opinion of these books.

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Creepy horror books: feeling the Halloween vibes // Recommendations

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I’ve been seeing a lot of people asking around for horror and creepy book recommendations so I have a list! I don’t know whether I should categorise these as recommendations considering I haven’t even read them yet so I don’t know if they’re good. I guess it’s more like a TBR. However, I’ve heard great things about these books so hopefully they live up to their name. So in no particular order, I present…


(I’m hilarious I know)

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Top 5 YA books I didn’t expect to LOVE // Friday Five


So this is my first blog post and it’s going to be a Five Friday. Why you ask – because I find it difficult to list 10 books in those Top Ten Tuesdays and I love lists! Anyway, today I’m going to be listing my top 5 books I thought I wouldn’t like from reading the synopsis (and judging the cover) but fell under the pressure to read them and absolutely loved them. Starting at number 5…

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