5 starsAMAZING read. Awarded to books extremely impressive books. Very likely to re-read and a definitely, highly recommended read.

4 starsEnjoyable read. Given to books thoroughly pleased, with minimal flaws. Many praiseworthy aspects, a recommended read.

3 starsMediocre read. Given to books generally satisfied or entertained but not “wowed”. Not a waste of time, a decent book.

2 starsPoor read. Given to books that are uninteresting, lacking adequate narrative details or depth in writing. Not many good things to say about it. Don’t recommend reading.

1 starTerrible read. Given to books unfinished, boring or hated most of the book. Hint: don’t read.

I also give out half stars!


I add tags to all reviews about the level of spoilers in it.

Spoilers. A review full of spoilers including all the plot twists, deaths, shocking moments, accompanied by all my feelings. Suggestion: read the book before you read the review (unless you’re a rebel… or you don’t intend to read the book… or you just don’t care).

Spoilerish. A review with mild spoilers excluding major plot twists or descriptive scenes, or spoiler free review with a spoilers section.

Spoiler free. A review with zilch spoilers (like the label). No revelation of major plot points. You can totally read this review before you read the book or vice versa. Your choice!

Remember my opinion/rating of a book is not based on the author.

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