Reading while holidaying // Discussions

Hey hey!

I’m going on a holiday soon so I’m super excited and me being the bookish person I am, need to relate everything with reading. Also, I haven’t done a discussion post in a long time so today I’m going to discuss how to read on a holiday. This post is inspired by Adalyn from Glittering Reads who did a post on Reading while Traveling. You can check out her post HERE.

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The chick flick inferiority syndrome // Discussions


So I have a discussion today so it’s probably going to be more chatty than usual or… just more rambly :D As you gather from the title, I’m going to be talking about the “chick flick inferiority syndrome”. It’s just something that has been bothering me lately so I gave it a name and decided to discuss it. You might have not heard about it, but it’s likely that you have heard of it or experienced it before. Yes, I’m not the queen of explanations so I’ll just give you a situation and hopefully you’ll understand.

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