Bookish goals & resolutions 2017

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If you’ve been following me for a while, it’s no secret that I love lists. So today, I present a list of my bookish goals & resolutions 2017. This list may grow throughout the year but hopefully I get to tick them off.


1. Read 80 books

This is my Goodreads reading goal for 2017 which is stretching a bit more than my 2016 goal which was 60 books.

2. Read a non-fiction book

I rarely branch out into the non-fiction section but I want to this year and see how I like it. I want to ask for recommendations but I don’t even know which section to begin.

disney aladdin a whole new world

3. Read a poetry book

Another type of writing I barely read. The only experience I’ve had with poetry is with required reading at school – both good and bad experiences. We’ll see how it goes.

4. Finish 8 unfinished book series

Finishing the book series that I started 483 years ago was one of my main goals of 2016 and I want to keep this as a priority because I am horrible and remembering details reading a sequel. Half my reviews this year were like so this is a sequel in a series but I don’t remember anything from its prequel so let’s treat this as a standalone *sobs in the corner*.

5. Read 4 adult books

Young adult (or YA) books are my comfort zone and adult fiction is not. I’m very curious about the differences between the 2 types, especially the change in writing and tone. And I’m not really talking about contemporaries and romances because I have read quite a few adult books in those genres because they’re pretty easy to read and they get me out of reading slumps. I’m talking about those intimidating books: fantasy, sci-fi, thriller?? Hopefully my only opinion after I read them won’t only be be wut.

6. Read a classic

The only classics I’ve read are required readings from school. So I’m going to make it an aim this year to read a classic of my choosing so see how much a enjoy it. I find with the classics I have read, I’ve enjoyed their premise more than the actual experience. I just get so confused. What are these words???

7. Read more diversely

One of the greatest things I learnt from from the bookish internet in 2016 was the importance of diversity and good representation in books. I never considered diversity as part of my decision in choosing the books I read  so I’m glad there were many discussions and explanations I was exposed to on the internet shedding light on diversity in books- not only the inclusion but its representation. So this year, I want to make a conscious effort to read books that represent a range of different group of people and culture.  Yeah I read for entertainment but I like learning whilst reading and I think it’s a great way to understand others and gain a better understanding of their experiences.

8. Read books from authors I’ve never read

I shrink in the corner when people ask me what are some good authors because frankly, I’ve read from a very small group of authors. You see, I have a a habit of completion before commencement. I like to start what I finish as soon as possible and this ends up with me slugging through a series for the sense of completion. Thus, I have not ventured far exploring new books because #horriblepriorities. And I’ve realised how much I’m missing out, hearing about all these great authors that I will never read with the way I’m going about things.

9. Read more books that I want to read

This mostly relates to goal #8 because I admit, it’s a problem. You know how some people don’t like DNFing books well… that’s me with series. If I start a series, I intend to finish it and I end up reading more books I feel I have to read as opposed to books I’m excited to read. It’s gotten better lately and I’ve been letting series go if the only motivation I have to finish it, is to finish it. But then I have a problem with trilogies. If the first book isn’t great, I feel like I need to give the sequel a chance and going against my gut feeling. And most of the time it’s not great either. Then comes the last book and I’m like there’s only one left so I might as well finish the series. Is this just me?


10. Consistently publish blog posts

I’ve was all over the place with blogging in 2016. Sometimes I would spit 4 posts in a week and then there would be a week or two without anything. I don’t want to set a number to the amount of posts I want to put up each week (I’m thinking 2, 1 at least) because I don’t want to end up hating it or be constantly stressed out about it. The thing I noticed is, I write pretty long posts (much more words than necessary in my opinion) in comparison to a lot of other bloggers and some of them end up putting out 3+ blog posts each week. Then of course there are those who pumping out long posts everyday so I just sit down like a potato and think about what I’m doing with my life. I’ll see what comfortable for me.

11. Reach 100 followers on my blog

I think that’s a solid, achievable goal. Hopefully. I was debating whether I should set goals for my blog in terms of stats because I don’t want to obsess over it but me, I live for setting and achieving goals. Even looking at my goals, I’ve assigned specific figures to most of them because how am I supposed to aim for “some” or “heaps”. What is enough? Am I having an existential crisis?  I’m a contradiction. I’ll continue.

12. Review 75% of books I read in 2016

I only started reviewing books halfway through 2016 so I want to review some of my more recent reds before I complete lose all memory of it. What plot? What characters? So 75% is 48 books and I’ve already reviewed 34 books. So that’s 14 reviews plus the ones I end up reading in 2017.

13. Review all the books I read in 2017

I want to keep up with my book reviews in 2017. I still find them fun and useful. And I like having that collection. Even if it’s just a short book, I still want to write a couple of sentences of my thoughts.


14. Join a readathon

I always envy those people who can read 7 books in a week but readathons look so fun! I don’t think I was organised enough in 2016 to allocate a particular timeframe to an enormous amount of pages whilst you know, surviving. I want to integrate myself more into the bookish community and I think that a readathon would help.

15. Join a bookish chat

Another bookish activity that I wished I had time to do in 2016. I enjoy a Q&A here and now so I think a bookish chat would be super fun and help me discover new blogs and the bloggers!

And thus, there are my 2017 bookish goals and resolutions! Now I just hope that I can do the actual completing part.

Emily x


Are you a goals type of person for do you prefer to just go with it? Do you feel pressure when others set goals? What are your goals or priorities in 2017? Comment below!

4 thoughts on “Bookish goals & resolutions 2017

  1. One of my reading goals this year is to read more books I want to read too. It sounds silly doesn’t it but so far so good. I only gave 5 5* ratings last year (I read 46 books) and so far this year I’ve already given three so I’m thinking this is going well haha.


  2. Wow, so many fantastic bookish resolutions! I hope you do get to meet some of them, particularly reading more books that you want to read. That’s made a big difference for me in terms of enjoyment as well. Reviewing everything you read does get pretty stressful at times though, but I wish you luck! Bookish events are so much fun. Good luck Emily!


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