Worst books: 2016 edition // Wrap Ups

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So I’ve posted my favourite reads of 2016 in my book awards: 2016 edition and today I’ll be sharing my worst books of 2016; books that I just couldn’t enjoy or disappointed me. I don’t mean any offence listing books that you may have enjoyed or loved. These are just my personal experiences reading them which weren’t good. They’re listed in no particular order. Now let’s get into it!


(A.K.A. this is why I have Goodreads trust issues)

290581551. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child by J.K. Rowling, John Tiffany & Jack Thorne

3.5 stars

Goodreads Choice Award for Fantasy (2016)

Now you may be thinking that’s actually quite a high rating so why is it on this list? I had such high expectations and I was severely let down for the most part. This may be partly my own fault expecting a novel instead of a script, but that wasn’t what disappointed me. I don’t think the plot was well-structured and there so many significant plot holes that I couldn’t ignore. Also too much happened all at once and in retrospect, perhaps my thoughts reflect a lower rating. A full review can be found HERE.

260741812. The Crown by Kiera Cass

2.5 stars

Goodreads Choice Award Nominee for Young Adult Fantasy & Science Fiction (2016)

I didn’t have many high expectations for the end of this series. I just wanted to see how it ended. Nonetheless, I thought the story was rather rushed and found myself mostly skimming it. I didn’t feel the tension or anticipation for a finale and the situation felt simplified. All thoughts can be found in my review HERE.

157681913. Sweet Peril by Wendy Higgins

2 stars

Goodreads average rating: 4.28

This book was so angsty and nothing really happened. I also didn’t like well… any of the characters and I was very close to DNFing it. It was entertaining at times but it was mostly just cringeworthy. My review is HERE.

249168334. Down Outback Roads by Alissa Callen

2 stars

Goodreads average rating: 4.12

I was expecting good if not great entertainment from this sequel because surprisingly, I really enjoyed the first novel, Beneath Outback Skies. The romance didn’t really click with me and it didn’t hold my attention like the first one. Also, the heartwarming story, humour and witty dialogue didn’t feel there.

206964825. Thief by C.L. Stone

1 star

Goodreads average rating: 4.09

Oh dear. I was just hoping for some quick and light entertainment and it took me the longest time to finish it. I was seriously considering DNFing it several times because the only question I had in my head the entire time was “what’s the point?” Indeed, even reflecting on when I read this book I still ask the same question. The premise sounded pretty good and that wasn’t the tone of the book at all. What plot? What characters? Instalove. Cringe.


79659626. One More Problem by Vanessa Curtis

2.5 stars

I appreciated the inclusion of OCD in this book however it felt too short and I didn’t feel like there was proper developments in relationships. There was no direction in this book until the last few pages and I was just underwhelmed with the exploration of the portrayal of the protagonist’s obsessive compulsive disorder. More thoughts HERE.

130897107. The Kill Order by James Dashner

2.5 stars

I really wanted to enjoy this but it failed to impress me. Perhaps my expectations were too high but the plot didn’t engage me. It took me weeks to finish this book and with all the action in this book, it wasn’t that exciting. I found myself frustrated at the characters a lot of their time with their stupidity and melodramatics. It felt messy. All of that stuff and more in my review HERE.

157424848. Double Digit by Annabel Monaghan

1.5 stars

This could have been good. Unfortunately, it wasn’t for me. Everything was rushed and there weren’t any developments in relationships – besides a random and unncessary love triangle. This was a super short novel so it was difficult to immerse myself in the story.

72419459. The Princess Trap by Kirsten Boie

1 star

This was another book I read purely for the sake of completion. However, I didn’t realise how many pages there were and slugged my way through it. I didn’t care for the characters and the plot didn’t interest me. A review is HERE.

1581281410. Crossed by Ally Condie


This is book #2 of the Matched series and my only DNF of 2016. I usually give a book at least 100 pages until I decide whether I want to continue and I rarely DNF books but I gave up on this book around the 50 page mark. I rather enjoyed the first novel but this was just so boring. It was just too much moping and I could not deal. I had not motivation to continue so I stopped. I started this at the start of the year so I don’t remember many of my thoughts but the bottomline is: I didn’t like this book.

Thanks for dealing with me and my negativity in this post. I hope at least some of you can agree with me. If not, that’s fine too. Wouldn’t it be nice if we loved every book we picked up?

Emily x


What are your worst/disappointing reads of 2016? Biggest let downs? Ranting is fine. Comment below!

6 thoughts on “Worst books: 2016 edition // Wrap Ups

  1. I read The Selection and The Elite because I won them in a giveaway, and that was enough for me! I also felt pretty “meh” about Matched, so I stopped reading the series after the first book.


  2. I love this blog post – it’s sometimes refreshing to admit that a book let you down (especially if it is something as popular and recognisable as Harry Potter) or that really, it was downright terrible!

    I’ve heard mixed reviews about The Selection Series! It’s on my TBR list, but I’m not entirely sure if I want to read it because not everyone has been very positive about it!

    Also, I adore your blog! I just discovered it through the Australian YA Bloggers & Readers Group on GoodReads and I followed you straight away!!!


    • I try to stay positive most of the time but I’m also pretty critical and I will be honest about not liking a book haha. I found The Selection series entertaining enough to finish the original trilogy and they’re pretty quick to finish if you want to give them a chance. I mean it’s not great but it’s fluff you might enjoy. Aww thanks you’ve made my day :D


  3. Cursed Child was a disappointment for everyone. My cousins were telling me that they didn’t like it, either. I didn’t have very high expectations for the Crown, and it ended up actually being better than I thought it would be. I hated matched though, so I never continued with the series. I was really disappointed by Illuminae, All the Bright Places, and Nevernight.


    • Yeah that’s true – I haven’t found anyone who’s actually been impressed by Cursed Child. You’ve got quite a few big names there that were disappointing. I was looking forwards to reading Illuminae and Nevernight. I guess they have a LOT of hype surrounding those books which can ruin the experience a lot of the time.


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