Shadowhunters: season 2 premiere thoughts // Adaptation reviews

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I’m back with another Shadowhunters related post. I’ve decided to only share my thoughts on “important episodes” rather than every single one because I know a lot of people aren’t fans of the books and with 20 episodes in season 2, your feed would be full of them. I promise I’ll talk about something other than Shadowhunters for a very long time.

If you didn’t know, The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare has gotten another chance of an adaptation, this time in the form of a TV show. Thus far, I haven’t been impressed with the show, but we shall see what season 2 brings. Honestly, I can’t believe it got renewed with 20 EPISODES! Today’s post is just going to be a collection of my thoughts whilst watching the season 2 premiere from start to end. Very informal.

WARNING: this post will contain spoilers of season 1 of the show and the season 2 premiere (of course). These are my honest, personal thoughts on this episode and it you can’t stand anything negative said about this show, it would be a good idea not to read this post.


Very confused in the beginning. Had the potential to work.

They redid the seraph blades and although I like the detailing, I’m not enjoying the sounds nor the heavy look of it. I like them better than the season 1 lightsabers though.

Ugh I wish they just got rid of the glamour rune – also is that a glamour rune for the glamour rune because that was soundless…

Love the new look of runes – stark black. Yeahhhh (but it still looks like sharpies drawn on).

Not too sure about the new intro – feels like a modelling advertisement with the hair blowing and stuff. I know a LOT of people love it and are comparing it to Teen Wolf but I can’t really say because I’ve never watched it before. I wish they would change the music to be more intense. Personally, I think it’s too slow and doesn’t truly represent the shadow world.

I love Magnus’ digs at the Clave. In fact I love any digs at the Clave.

Random thought: you know if they didn’t reinvent the Institute to be all modern and techy, they could have used that money for awesome CGI and better sets.

I saw the green and I was like yep it’s going to be the greenhouse scene except messed up, right? I thought it was gone after season 1 and I made my peace with it, but why bring it in the wrong context #bookbaiting.

I’m liking this new Clary.

Though I’m still expecting more from Jocelyn. I want more emotion.

Alec decides to give Magnus a lecture about how parabatai works. Sure, lecture the centuries old warlock. The show still needs to work on its subtlety.

Book Alec is back!! Angsty, angry, moody yeah.

I see that Clary’s hair colour has changed, no longer cheetos colour but it seems to have gone towards the blonder direction. Or maybe it’s just the lighting? I was hoping for a more deeper, fiery red but you can’t get everything *shug*.

Love the violence not that I condone it, but the blood just makes the show more grittier and it feels more real.

So much Valentine yay more Alan Van Sprang.

They just had to ruin the spaghetti story #bookbaiting.

I’m glad we get a glimpse of Valentine’s abilities like how easily he is defeating Jace – just shows how good of a shadowhunter he was. Terrible person and motives, but he’s still got it.

Also can the circle runes just disappear. Such an easy way identify enemies and create plot holes.

This plot is going way too fast.

Why would they change “stripping of the marks” to deruning. These little unnecessary changes. Also it doesn’t feel as threatening.

With all the runes just displayed all over the body, I’m thinking of how they drew them – like how did it get there. Hmmm…

Love the Jade Wolf new look. Upgrade of sets yay.

Simon trying enchanto. Hilarious.

Tie your hair up Clary.

I mean that training between Izzy and Clary was cool but realistically, Izzy would be able to knock Clary down within seconds. Also she wouldn’t let her guard down.

“Shadowhunting for dummies” umm the Codex.

Ayyy with the unnecessary nakedness. Why would Magnus be practising his magic. He’s had it for centuries – he would be playing with it without any effort.

Clary would not just give up that easily. Just saying.

What’s with shadowhunters continuously using seraph blades to kill one another? Aren’t they usually for downworlders and demons??

Still don’t enjoy the downworlder “poofing effect” when they are killed – what’s with the instagram flurry lights filter.

I love Clary and Simon’s friendship:

Clary: then run faster

Simon: I’m a vampire. I’m running slow for you.

I’m liking the new look of the portals better than the older ones. No more galaxy/alien abduction effects.

It is still too fast. Seriously, Valentine just let everyone track Jace within one episode?!?

Less cheesy dialogue but very simple obvious dialogue.

I still feel a lot of the fights are to demonstrate how cool it is and not contributing in other ways to the story.


Episode a bit difficult to follow.

This episode just demonstrated to me how the show has forgotten the function of runes and thrown all the rules out the window.

If you haven’t read the books, you must be so confused. Sorry.

Portalling is so inconsistent right now and concrete rules need to be established.

Emily x


What are your loves and hates of Shadowhunters season 2 premiere? Do you like the changes? Comment below!

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