Partial disappearings // Updates

Hey hey!

So I have a little thing called exams coming up. Total lie because I have some extremely important sets of exams that are looming in the (way too) near future. That means I’m going on a semi-blogging hiatus for the next few (2) MONTHS (crazy right).

The thing is, I have 2 sets of exams designed to destroy me but they are scheduled very strangely. Sometimes I have full-on exams nearly every single day and then I have weekly breaks??? (I’ve stopped questioning the system) Basically, these exams are my #1 focus currently so this blog is going to take some temporary naps, i.e. there may be blocks of time where I’m rapidly publishing blog posts or complete silence depending on how I’m handling this situation and how much time is running away from me.


Ergo, why this is only going to be “partial disappearances” and all round spontaneous!!

I really don’t want to neglect this blog so this is my compromise. Prepare for irregularity (well, more than usual that is). Whenever I’m on here, I’ll still try to interact with you because don’t worry, fangirling never goes away.

Also I have a mild, *cough* massive obsession with all the internet and its magic, just tell me to get out of here and go back to studying because I am a major procrastinator. In fact, this post itself is me procrastinating.

Another thing I’ll miss is reading. Calm down, I’m not abandoning books… only during the actual exam days because when I start that book, I will need to finish that book. Too bad that mindset doesn’t switch on when studying.

Essentially if I have time, I will blog. If I don’t have time, I will not. Could have just said that instead of making the most lengthy post. But then you would suspect me being abducted because that’s just not how I blog. Failing at balancing life over here.

dead spinning

If any of you have exams (a) coming up – you’ll do great but probably stay off the social medias, or (b) right now – umm… you probably shouldn’t be here unless this is a 5 minute break from studying ;) Don’t miss me too much and read all them books. *

* Yes I’m a bitter watermelon about not having time to read.

Emily x

9 thoughts on “Partial disappearings // Updates

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