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I hope ya’ll having a fascinating day. Not relevant but I’ve got a review on the sequel of the Embassy Row series, and it’s going to be spoiler free. The series had a pretty good start and an interesting introduction into this embassy row idea – it’s not thieves or spies. Or is it? Read on if you want to know my thoughts reading See How They Run.

24644814See How They Run by Ally Carter

Series: Embassy Row (#2)
Genres: Mystery, Thriller
Publication: December 22nd 2015 by Scholastic Press
Pages: 336
Source: Borrowed
3 stars

Inside every secret, there’s a world of trouble. Get ready for the second book in this new series of global proportions–from master of intrigue, New York Times bestselling author Ally Carter.

Grace’s past has come back to hunt her . . . and if she doesn’t stop it, Grace isn’t the only one who will get hurt. Because on Embassy Row, the countries of the world stand like dominoes, and one wrong move can make them all fall down.

The twists get twistier and the turns get even more shocking in the second thrilling installment of Embassy Row.


I was expecting a step up from the last book and it pains me to say this but I wasn’t impressed. For the duration of the book, it was mainly monotonous. Major plot points and revelations interested me, but the filler scenes were sort of dull. I think the ending saved the book for me and stepped up from the other parts of the book. It was full of suspense and high tension and unpredictability. I like how it explained the “random” parts of the novel and showed how they were actually relevant. So it made sense. Huzzah!! Also murder mysteries mixed in with political intrigue! Awesome. The problem for me was the characters I liked from the previous book didn’t have enough appearance then staying appeared time, and the characters I didn’t like so much had too much time.

So Grace the narrator – I liked the idea of her character, but I didn’t like her in this novel. When she was younger, she witnessed her mother get murdered (this isn’t a spoiler) and since then faces PTSD. So yes, unreliable narrators. I have a love hate relationship with them and unfortunately for Grace, it was a bit on the disliking side because she irritated me. I felt annoyed for her because of her circumstances and how other characters treated her but at her too. I didn’t like the way she treated others and all her whining and her melodramatic behaviour. Her guilt was so prominent throughout the book that it became repetitive. Perhaps this was the intention of the author, however it made the novel less enjoyable for me. Is this a bit unfair on her? Probably. But that’s just my feeling. I could just be taking out my disappointment on the most seen character that irked me.

I wasn’t a fan of Grace’s humour. It worked at times, but mostly felt awkward and the sarcasm didn’t seem appropriate. I know, shocker, I’m complaining about the inclusion of sarcasm. It wasn’t even sarcasm. It was… weird.

That fight though. Kind of stupid. Grace is the only person everyone is attracted to? I had secondhand embarrassment because it was a really pointless fight about who could protect Grace better and the trials of the more macho man. Obviously not 2 guys who hardly know her, and probably that job can be saved for the brother if we really want to assign roles.

I enjoyed the mystery component of this novel although I wish it were more present whilst I was reading it. Also the conspiracy theories. Loved them. There were so many cool ideas and gripping concepts, though they felt pointless UNTIL the end of the book and could have contributed to other places of the novel too. The [spoiler] librarians. Such an interesting thing that could have taken this book to a whole new level as the major plot line and if it was explained more. But no. It was quickly acknowledged and then dismissed coming in only when helpful to the plot.

Book: hey that was cool right? But moving on…
Me: no stay! Sit down. I’m all ears.
Book: *awesome concept runs away only to return 173 pages later* remember me?
Me: YES. Tell me more about this.
Book: sure but let me give you recap first.
Me: but I remember!! *sigh*

Story of this book. Shame that.

I loved getting to know Embassy Row better, its nooks and crannies and some history of Adria. History of fictional places always fascinate me and it was a curious turn the path chose to go down. I liked it. Some dark history there.

And Grace is not in the right place for a romance and I feel like it’s going to play a larger part in the next book *fingers crossed it doesn’t* (also the particular person that the romance is hinted with I don’t like). Near the beginning of this novel, there was so much hinting at romantic relationships with Grace that I thought I found a love quartet.

This is a strange book because it doesn’t really head towards a direction. I sort of bounces back and forth between what’s happening and then introduces some new stuff and just a lot of bouncing. However, I think this is the author’s way of showing the thought process of Grace and her personality (as it is narrated by her) and I do think this is clever but it didn’t give me motivation to continue reading as I couldn’t really see a “main plot line” if that makes sense.

Despite all this stuff, I’m excited to read the next novel because I need to find out more about that ending because cliffhangers – don’t like them but we got to deal with them… by waiting for the next book to come out. I just wished some of that epicness in the climax and end of the book was spread throughout the rest of the novel so I could enjoy the book more than average for the whole time! I’m very interested as to the direction the next book will go. Sidenote: I love the titles of the books in these series. If one hasn’t noticed, they’re part of nursery rhymes.

FORESHADOWING *wink wink*.

This is a very confusing review I know. Just replicating the style of the novel… or my thoughts are really jumbled. I hope you enjoyed it anyway. I usually love Ally Carter books but this one didn’t connect with me.
3 stars

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Emily x


Let’s talk about all the good and bad of this book? Who’s your favourite character? Was your mind boggled or blown at the cliffhanger? And if you haven’t read this, are you going to now? Comment below!

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6 thoughts on “See How They Run by Ally Carter // Book Reviews

  1. Aw, I haven’t started this series by Ally Carter but I’ve read her other stuff and liked it well enough. It’s a shame this book wasn’t anything awesome, although maybe it’s just a second book thing? Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


    • I’ve enjoyed all the Ally Carter books I’ve read but this one kind of fell flat for me. Ally Carter books always theoretically sound good, but the execution isn’t always the best (maybe I was hyping myself up too much). It could be the second book slump or a “it’s me not you” situation because I’ve heard many people loved it. I still very hopeful that the last book will be epic!! Thanks for commenting :D I still recommend trying this series – you just might love it.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. YES. This is like so so my thoughts too! We are totally twinning here. *sighs* Grace’s guilt was probably realistic but totally tedious and annoying to read…like I felt like there was no plot except for Grace being guilty and us getting promised assassin librarians or whatever and YET NOT REALLY GETTING THEM. *stamps foot* I was very annoyed by the end, unfortunately. (And omg so true with your point about the romance. Pleeeease, Grace, is NOT in the headspace for a romance, and the boys fighting over her was irritating maximum.😑)
    Wonderful review!! Totally agree with your thoughts!😂


    • Yeah I feel as though I should be more empathetic towards the way Grace acted and felt but I just couldn’t read it without getting annoyed. I would have definitely enjoyed it more with the the delivery of assassin librarians and cut down on the boy drama. I’m so glad I found someone who shares the same opinion :D


  3. I actually really loved the first one of this book but I don’t knowwwww about the sequel. It’s still sitting on my TBR, gathering dust. And the fact that the plot doesn’t really go anywhere kind of puts me off lol.


    • I really enjoyed the first first book as well (didn’t love) but this sequel had me semi-asleep and *maybe* I skimmed. A bit. There’s a definitely a plot in this book, but it was a bit everywhere are the drive wasn’t there. It was a quick read though and I’ve heard so many people adore this sequel and that it was better than the first book, so maybe it’s just me :D


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