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I’ve got a new book review on book #3 of the Lorien Legacies seriesThe Rise of Nine. Dun dun duhhhh. This is going to be a spoilerish review so it depends on what you consider as a spoiler. I’m going to be talking about the characters in this book and some of you could think that the introduction of some of these characters are mild spoilers. If so, you can (a) read the book then come back just in case and we can discuss all the thoughts or (b) read this review and skip the bullet points.

The Rise of Nine by Pittacus Lore

Series: Lorien Legacies (#3)
Genres: Science fiction
Publication: August 21st 2012 by HarperCollins
Pages: 360
Source: Borrowed
3.5 stars

In Pittacus Lore’s The Rise of Nine, third in the New York Times bestselling I Am Number Four series, the stakes are higher than ever as John, Six, and Seven try desperately to find the rest of the Garde before it’s too late.

The Mogadorians who destroyed the planet Lorien continue to hunt down the Garde, the small group of Loric survivors who have taken refuge on Earth. The Garde must come together. They are Lorien and Earth’s only hope.

During the dangerous mission at the Mogadorian base in West Virginia, John found and rescued Nine. But even with their combined powers, special abilities known as Legacies, the pair barely escaped with their lives—and they lost Sam in the process.

In order to save our world and their own, John and Nine must join forces with Six and Seven who have been battling the Mogadorians in Spain, and who are now trying to locate Number Eight in India.

Power in numbers will save us all.


When I started reading this I was like different POVs overload but I guess with so many important characters, this method is necessary… or convenient. As I kept reading, it kind of worked for me. So the chapter alternate between the narration of Four, Six and Marina’s (Seven) and it was generally systematic, so that made it easier to follow. Each character had a different font, but I wonder if I read the book with the same font, would the voices be as distinct and unique.

In the beginning I was trying to figure out who were the “Nine” that rise, which involved a lot of counting. In this book we got introduced to almost all the living Garde members and I’m glad we got to see more of their legacies develop, though it’s tough trying to remember them all. I think is book was definitely a step up from the previous and I felt more urgency that didn’t really exist reading The Power of Six. However, I felt a lot of scenes were unnecessary – like the talking scenes where they wouldn’t even come up with a plan, e.g. Four & Nine talking, fighting, arguing. Then they get caught *shakes head in disapproval*. WOW, surprise much? I don’t see how the “wing it” method was helpful in finding and discovering how to defeat Setrákus Ra AKA enemy #1.

Another thing I couldn’t understand was the U.S. government’s involvement – I don’t think the explanation given was sufficient and it didn’t make any sense to me. Sounded like the FBI had minds of children if that was their reasoning. Taking nationalism to a whole new idiotic level. Extremely irrational thinking on their part. And the “woman” in the FBI reminded me so much of Umbridge haha. If you don’t know who is Umbridge, I don’t know how to talk to you. There were many dream or vision sequences scattered throughout this novel and I don’t understand some of their purposes – there were quite a few, but that may have been the intention of the author. With so many important characters, it must have been difficult to ensure each has solid character development, and I think the different personalities of each Garde member helped distinguish between them. So let’s talk about characters.

  • I used to be okay with with Four, but he’s really whiny in this book. Not a fan of his dialogue. I just couldn’t deal with his thought process. It was very self-centred rarely contributed to how to complete their mission. I know he spent a lot of time with Sam and Sarah, so he would be concerned about them, but to risk other Garde members for the sole purpose of finding them? Please focus on the mission and stop being so impulsive and reckless.

The font of Four.


  • I’m also a bit suspicious of Five who has been MIA for a very long time and I’m surprised the gang haven’t tried to find him BEFORE trying to take down Setrákus Ra.
  • Six is definitely my favourite character and narrator. She intelligent and practical, and had a strong sense of reality. She was a fighter and I loved her determination and spirit throughout the novel. She does get impulsive towards the end, unlike Four’s reasons which are selfish, her reasons are rooted in anger and focusing on the mission. You hear that Four? She was doing this to save the Garde AND Earth. Multitasking. Ain’t that fascinating? She has some great legacies especially invisibility – I think that’s my favourite. The tunnels scene made me so SO nervous (in a good and exciting way), I was so scared for her. NO ONE touch her. Yeah… she can handle herself.

Ugliest font. Best narrator.


  • Next up, Marina or Seven. Throughout this novel, I kept on pronouncing her name as Mariana even though there clearly isn’t an extra ‘a’. I had to keep on mentally correcting myself an it drove me crazy… so I kept on referring to her as Mariana. I wasn’t that interested in her POV in the previous book, but I guess she kind of grew on me. She’s a bit of a boring character and I think she knows that too. Her healing legacy is pretty cool though.

Ordinary font for the ordinary girl (besides the fact that she’s an alien).


  • Guess what? They found Eight. Yay for the girls of the Garde that did something useful. He had some pretty snazzy legacies. Teleportation? Hell yeah!! Even though Eight kind of led to Six’s… you know – that mishap ;)
  • So the other part of the boy duo was Nine. He was snarky and one could say he’s mean and insensitive, but he’s a survivor. Or at least acts like one for the moment. He was annoying at the beginning, but logical. He’s filled with a bit of rage too. Oh, but the boys are their big egos… just suck it up, stop fighting with each other because… what about the real enemy?
  • Then we have the extra; Ten. Now she’s a tad bit younger than the rest of the gang, so her actions and speech were obviously juvenile. I was okay with this most of the time and sympathised with her, but occasionally I would be like, “what’s her purpose again?”. That’s just me being mean though. Patience is not a quality I possess.

Bernie Kosar is awesome. That’s a given. It’s funny that he choses to stay in his beagle form most of the time, contrasting to his wisdom and guidance for the boys, like c’mon boys let’s break it up. Now let’s just make up and continue.

How about that mundane now?

  • I’m kind of sad that Sam didn’t appear in the story and Sarah did. Though I was quite impressed with her “entrance”, I still don’t like her. Also putting humans next to the aliens naturally lowers the way I see them (humans) i.e. as incompetent beings. However, when Sam was in The Power of Six, I liked him. I felt

To be honest, I wasn’t interested in any of the romance going on in this book and I would have been more annoyed if it played a larger role. I expected more deaths of known characters as well. The Garde members did bring up the subject about which member was an incarnation of each elder, and that did leave me wondering the same. I really want to know who is Pitticus Lore, but if it’s Four… NO. It seems that I have quite a grudge on him now, but if you look back to what he did throughout the novel, not the best team player. The ending was above average I would say and ends at a good point to lead to the next book.

Page 95 was where I started to get really interested in the storyline – the “interaction” between Four, Nine and the FBI. This is when I started to get real anxiety that the Mogadorians would appear, and started internally shouting at the characters to hurry up and stop talking.

The pacing was good. It was fast and they didn’t linger too long in each scene. I also liked the chapter lengths. Ha if they stayed longer in the Four and Nine D&Ms, my brain would explore with frustration. There would be revelation at the end of almost every chapter, and then the point of view would change, and I would be like, go back go back I want to know what happens. Then waited for the cycle of point of views to come back. I was not amused. But I was entertained and felt myself increasing my reading speed and it did get addicting.

Overall, this book became an easy and fast read once you got used to the different point of views and remembered who was narrating. I have a little question though. How big are their chests? I thought they were quite small, sort of influenced by the I Am Number Four movie, but the scene where Four and Nine are on the train, made it seem like the chests were quite big. Or at least medium sized. Please tell me what you think because this has been bugging me. Anyway, I thought this was a pretty solid book. Some good and some boring parts. Very entertaining and I’m definitely going to continue the series.

3.5 stars

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Emily x


How far are you into the Lorien Legacies series if you’ve begin? Are you a fan of alien books? What about multiple point of views? Do they confuse you too? And if you’ve read this book, chat with me, but no spoilers for the rest of the series please. Comment below!

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