June 2016 recap // Wrap Ups


I’ve been so busy this week and assessments have been thrown at me JUST after my exams – just needed to get that out. Anyway, you came here to chat about books so happy July, and in celebration for the start of the month, I’m going to wrap up all things bookish in the month of June!! I just realised we’re halfway through the year *gasp*.


Reading challenge

2016 Reading Challenge
So I decided to do the Goodreads reading challenge this year because I’m one of those people who likes to achieve reading goals. For 2016, I have challenged myself to read 60 books, a bit of a step up from last year which was a goal of 55 books (and I completed it). Just love the sense of achievement. Currently I have read 42 out of the 60 (70%) which is 13 books ahead of schedule (whoop whoop!!). But… I have read a lot of novellas and short stories this year, which Goodreads still counts as a book so I’ve probably only read around 30 “average” sized books.

Best book

4 stars
Othello by William Shakespeare
Is it a book? Is it a play? I’m going to call it a book for now because it was my favourite text reading this month and there weren’t many to choose from either (mainly my fault for not reading much books). I did NOT except to love this as much as I did. It was compulsory reading so obviously that sucks a bit of the enjoyment reading it. However, I was very amused by this book and my favourite character IAGO – I’m crowning him the manipulation king. Seriously. One of the most obsessive, cunning and entertaining villains I have ever met, and without him, I really don’t think I would have enjoyed it. Also the humour was great in this, and as a tragedy play, this just made the comical levels extra high and ironic. I feel you aren’t taking me too serious right now. I mean, I did just say the villain was the best thing in this book and the humour of a tragedy is awesome, but if there’s any Shakespeare play to read – it’s this one. In comparison to other of Shakespeare’s works I’ve read, the plot in this is the simplest to follow and language too.I actually did review it on my Goodreads account because I didn’t really think it was appropriate for this blog, so if you want to know my thoughts, click HERE. Lots of flailing for Iago.

Worst book

The Kill Order
2.5 stars
The Kill Order by James Dashner
To sum up this book. Too much conflict. Too much hesitation. Too much recklessness. Too much disappointment. It was like stupidity. Conflict. Resolution. Repeat about 3258293 times throughout the book. I truly tried to like this book… but I couldn’t and it did put me in a reading slump so I think that’s pretty self explanatory. The protagonist drove me crazy (and not in a good way) and the worldbuilding barely existed in my opinion. If you want the full extensive review of my thoughts about this book, I did review it on this blog, and since I’m such a nice person, I’m going to give you the link… so click HERE, or HERE, even HERE.

And that… ummm… might have been the list of all the books I read last month too *clears throat* MOVING ON…


Books bought

Just a little disclaimer first, as much as I love books and reading them, I’m actually not a book hoarder *double gasp*. I mean I would love to own all the books but because I’m money deprived, I usually borrow books from friends or the library. Also, I’m one of those people who only likes buying and owning books that I LOVE and am going to reread constantly. So these books I’ve bought in the month of June are ebooks and the borrow books are from the library. Yes, I also did happen to buy more books than I read – it’s difficult with all these interesting premises staring at you, okay!?!

  • Talon (Talon, #1): I’ve recently been deprived from epic fantasy and this looked super cool. There is something really striking about the title especially it being one worded. Also it includes dragons and I haven’t seen many books in YA with actual dragons in it. It’s probably because of how cliché it can become, but I willing to give it a go and it’s something a bit different for me.
  • The Leaving: what I know about this book – it’s a new release. It’s a mystery thriller *grabby hands*. From the time that I marked it as “Want to Read” to now, the ratings have been gradually decreasing and my hopes have been diminishing. I have not read a thriller novel in SUCH a long time so don’t let me down!!
  • The Game of Love and Death: I think this title is very intriguing and just from that, it sounds tragic. It’s literally love vs. death. I’ve never really read a book where the narrator is a personified being and it sounds like it this is the case for this one. It will be very interesting to see how the author created the narrative voice and how different it is from my usual humanly point of views.

Books borrowed

  • The Kill Order (The Maze Runner, #0.5): I think it’s important to emphasise once more. Disappointment.
  • Magic Study (Study, #2): to tell you the truth, I mostly forgotten the details of the first novel since it’s been such a long time since I’ve read Poison Study which is a GREAT BOOK by the way and you should read it. I have seen in reviews and around that the series goes downhill, and I’m hoping this isn’t the case (when I read it) because I loved the first book so much and obviously everyone loves when series get better and more epic!!
  • The Crown (The Selection, #5): currently reading this because I’m so close to the end of the series and I’m one of those people who struggle to DNF series or books because I want to know the endgame and stuff. I’m getting towards the middle of the book and I can say it’s not the greatest book in the world, but it is entertaining… many times.

Review copies/ARCs sent

  • The Reflections of Queen Snow White: thanks to the author, David Meredith for sending me a copy. So this is an adult Snow White “retelling” – I don’t know whether to call it that because from what I can tell, it’s set after the story of Snow White we know. From the synopsis, it sounds really dark and that’s awesome and also I haven’t read many fairytale retellings so this will be an interesting experience.
LOOK a picture in the middle of my blog post – felt sorry you had to read through all the text so here you are; a grainy picture to split it up!!!


I just want to say that TBR lists aren’t necessary and probably aren’t for everyone. I like TBR lists, because I like planning and it gives me a general sense of the next books I will read. Yes, I’m one of those people (as much as I procrastinate, I like the sense of direction it gives). It’s really encouraging for me and I love the feeling of “ticking it off” the list. As I said, it is a loose list, so I will not necessarily finish all the books on the list, or I might read a different books depending on my mood, but it’s like setting mini goals and I enjoy it.

  • The Crown (The Selection, #5)
  • Magic Study (Study, #2)
  • The Rise of Nine (Lorien Legacies, #3): yes I am still slugging my way through this series and I did enjoy the second book of this series so I shall continue! I haven’t read any synopsis about it (or I have and have forgotten) so I’m going into this with no knowledge and we’ll see where it leads.
  • Frankenstein: compulsory reading. Although, I really like the premise of this novel from what I’ve gathered from snippets of conversations but I always like to have lower expectations for these types of texts because sometimes, and just sometimes, high expectations of books you’re analysing can crash and burn.
  • The Assassin’s Blade (Throne of Glass, #0.1 – 0.5): I’ve read the first Throne of Glass book okay?!? I’m hoping to get up to date with this series by the end of this year or before the fifth book comes out this year, and I’ve heard many good things about these novellas that they provide some insight to the character of Celaena and why she acts the way she does in the first book. I thoroughly enjoyed the first book, but Celaena’s personality did lower my rating a bit, so hopefully these novellas will redeem her a bit for me.
  • Crown of Midnight (Throne of Glass, #2): continuing on with my Throne of Glass “marathon”, I will read the sequel, although I might need to read some reviews of the first novel because I may have forgotten some minor details. Very minor indeed.


  • The Red Queen #3 book title was revealed on Epic Reads and it’s called… King’s Cage. If you’re a hardcore Victoria Aveyard fan then you probably already know this. Ummm… this is awkward but I actually haven’t started reading this series. I’ve heard mixed opinions on this series so I might wait until the whole series is complete to marathon it. But the cover actually looks os cool – I didn’t notice this, but someone told me if you look closely (like I needed to) or maybe you saw it, the crown is made of bones… and spines. YES, SPINES!!! It looks like it’s going to get pretty dark.
  • The Ilvermorny sorting ceremony recently dropped on Pottermore and of course I got myself sorted straight away. I am in fact a… HORNED SERPENT. P.S. I’m also a Ravenclaw. Initially when I saw and and got sorted because Harry Potter stuff. Duh? I am a HUGE Potterhead, but I’ve recently seen some controversial things about the names of the houses, and how they are actually a part of Native American culture (correct me if I’m wrong) – so please don’t make fun of the names. I don’t know much about Native American traditions or customs at this point, and I don’t know how I feel about this “borrowing” of culture, fantasising traditions, as its portrayal can be offensive – intentional or not. Is this appropriating Native American culture? I don’t know how others feel about this and I’m getting a vibe of disrespect, and that currently makes me feel a little uncomfortable. I just can’t fully support stuff like that, but also I am not a Native American and am presently very ignorant on this so I cannot speak on behalf of anyone so I want to know from Native Americans, what do you think about this?
  • A couple of June new releases I’m excited to read because it’s probably not too healthy for my TBR to look for books in the future as well…
    • Summer Days, Summer Nights
    • The Long Game
    • Ivory and Bone
    • My Lady Jane
    • And I Darken


Surprise surprise I’m still obsessed with Hamilton: The Musical and everything related to it. And books – I still love books!! Everything was quite a blur last month (I keep on correcting myself and deleting every time I as this month). Studying and exams have been chaotic and I really need to chill. It occurred to me not very long ago that I have been book blogging for 1 month now. It’s not that much of an achievement but I’m still here *dance party* haha no.

Also I have an announcement; I am now a Book Depository affiliate. This means if you click on my link and purchase books from it (no extra cost for you), I will receive a 5% commission. For every blog post I have the affiliate link on, I will state it on the actual post. This does not change my opinions on ANY books, and you will always receive my honest opinion (no matter how brutal, but respectful). If you want to know why I became a Book Depository affiliate or what this means, you can read my “Disclosure” found HERE.

So the holidays are coming up and that means LOTS of reading. As you can see, I had a major reading slump last month, and its largely due to so busy with assessments and exams – I just felt like I was behind all the time. I promise I will surpass the amount of books read last month and more book reviews. The struggle of book blogging without new books to talk about was very real. My goal for next month is to stay on top of things and attempt to finish my monthly TBR (life felt so empty without reading). Now I’ll just leave you with a quote from the play, Othello. In fact, I’m going to leave you with a quote from my favourite character, Iago (as I very clearly expressed in my review);

“I am not what I am.”

– Othello, William Shakespeare (Iago)

Have an enjoyable reading-filled month of JULY. Ahhhh – I’m super pumped, can you tell? (no that wasn’t sarcasm. Really it wasn’t)

Emily x


 What really is there to discuss? Actually there are MANY things we can chat about. How was your reading month of June (did you end up like me and read nearly three books)? Favourites and least favourites of anything (especially books)? Also any bookish news I missed out on and you are flailing with excitement with me. Share it ALL. Comment below!

2 thoughts on “June 2016 recap // Wrap Ups

  1. That sad that the Kill Order was a disappointment. :( SO SAD. I haven’t read it yet, but I’ve been meaning to before Fever Code comes out! (Or is it out already??! Omg I have no idea. XD I’m so behind on news at the moment.) And yayyyy for A Game of Love and Death and Talon THEY ARE BOTH EXCELLENT AND ALL THE LOVE FOR THEM. *shrieks* I hope you like them! :D

    And good luck with your reading and blogging this month. I HOPE YOU HAVE FUN. I just came back from a hiatus so I’m feeling kind of refreshed and reeeeeady to do all the blogging. XD I mean, once I stop procrastinating on twitter, ahem. ;)

    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!


    • Yeah I don’t like being disappointed by books – sometimes it’s more worse than disliking a book. I am however still excited for the The Fever Code (it hasn’t come out yet :D). YAY for new books and grabbing all the luck I can get to get back to reading ummm… procrastinating might have contributed heavily on my lack of reading this month. Anyway, I hope you have an amazing blogging and reading month!!!


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