My bookmail horror story // Storytime


I wanted to start a new segment on my blog because it didn’t really fit into the other categories… STORYTIME!!! This basically includes stories I want to share because I can’t contain my feelings, and really need an outlet. Anyway, as the title suggests, I’m going to talk about my nightmare experience in obtaining a book I ordered online. Can you guess what book?

If you somehow thought of the HAMILTOME AKA Hamilton: The Revolution, you are correct! I must mention that I rarely, and I mean rarely online shop. Also, this was the first time I bought a book online, so I was equally excited as terrified of the outcome of this experience. The process of ordering it online was fine, just the usual – except for the fact that I had to wait for the book to restock and didn’t know when it would. Okay. That may have stressed me out a little bit (also because I wanted it ASAP). Me after ordering the book literally included going to the website every day to see when it would restock, and after a long and tedious wait it finally had a shipping date!!! So I live in Australia, which means the expected shipping time: 2 WEEKS. Yeah… even more waiting and of course, a daily check of tracking the location of my parcel (sometimes more). I’m a very nervous person. During this time, it also involved me having the worst thoughts ever… what if it gets lost in the mail? What if it gets damaged in the mail? What if customs destroy it because they suspect there is something illegal in it (all you Australians know how strict our customs are – they are not afraid to ruin your package).

About a week after, the online delivery tracker says my book is in AUSTRALIA, so…

Me: well that was fast
Also me: my. book. so. close.
Me again: kasfdjsdlfkj!!!!

The result – excitement levels skyrocketing, and I didn’t even have the book in my hands yet. YES, I AM OBSESSED WITH HAMILTON. Also I think I should mention this was during my exam period, so stress levels were pretty high. The funny thing was, the 1 time I forgot to check on the whereabouts of my book (a Friday), the next day I checked it said “DELIVERED ON FRIDAY” (yes, that is the Friday I forgot to check). I was studying at this time so I was like yay it’s earlier than I expected and THEN I realise, I have a problem…

The tracker says delivered, but I don’t have it. I don’t have my book. I also distinctly remembered the tracker saying it was delivered at 3:00pm on that Friday, AND there were people at home during that time that could have accepted my parcel. My dad’s a bit of a joker so my first thought was he could have hidden it and wanted to surprise me. I was by myself so literally searched the entire house for it. THE WHOLE HOUSE. I realise now that probably wasn’t the most effective course of action to begin with but continuing… I can’t find it. I believe I’m a pretty good seeker but it is nowhere. I. can’t. find. it. A little panic starting to fill me, so I double check the tracker; yes – delivered, yes – correct house address. Ummmm, new thought – what if no one heard the doorbell so they left a card that says where to pick up the parcel?

To the letterbox. I don’t even put on an extra jacket and run to the letterbox (some context – it was winter in Australia and a cold, rainy night). It’s dark and I don’t feel a card. I get a torch and look inside – it’s empty. Let’s just say there was a major elevation of stress at this point and those dreaded thoughts came back to me. I also should be studying, instead I’m running around trying to recover my parcel. Another thing about me – I usually think the worst in situations and this way of thinking was not particularly helpful. Then I’m in a state of despair. I trudge back towards the house and for some strange reason, I turn back around and observe the darkness. Then I see it.

On the ground, at the edge of the porch, a small brown box. MY PARCEL!!! Oh, and did I forget to mention? The WHOLE of that Friday, there was windy and heavy raining – sounded like a hurricane indoors, felt like a storm outdoors. So “MY PARCEL!!!” was more like, “I am terrified. Just look at that sad piece of cardboard feebly attempting to shield my baby”. As a result, I (kinda) went through the 5 stages of grief walking in, holding a drenched and mushy “box” and putting it down.

  1. Denial: I feel absolutely fine. no. no. no. no. NO. This is not happening to me. This can’t be mine (although it was clearly addressed to me).
  2. Anger: Why me?!?! What kind of courier service leaves a parcel barely undercover where there is CLEARLY a storm going on. You call THAT a delivery? ARGHHH!!!
  3. Bargaining: I can’t agree to this. I will not have a ruined book. HELL. NO. I can return it… or exchange it. RIGHT? right?
  4. Depression: The company is going to deny this. Why should I even try? I am helpless (I’m a total mess at this stage).
  5. Acceptance: I can’t change anything now. Maybe I should open it now. I need to face it myself.

And so I did. When I say I knew the box was soaked through, I mean there was still water droplets on it AND I could literally tear the cardboard away without assistance. What do I see when I do? My book. Water droplets on my book. BUT, my book is wrapped tightly in plastic, and the water droplets are on the plastic *GASP*. So ecstatic, happy dance right then and there. Saved. By plastic!! *Earth to Emily*. The Hamilton book is right in front of you. Open it? So I run. Get scissors. Get a cloth. Wipe all the water off until it is completely dry (I ain’t ruining my book this far into this process). When I take it out, I check for any damages. IT’S PERFECT. IT’S BEAUTIFUL. IT’S HAMILTON… aaand excitement mode kicks in again.

Congratulations for finishing my long and convoluted story about receiving my first book through online shopping. I included a bit more details than necessary – I just didn’t want you to think I was being melodramatic and paranoid (okay, perhaps I was delusional at times but it was distressing during that time). I know this sounds weird but I hope you enjoyed it (my story, not experience). If you want to know my thoughts on the book (the actual reading part), you can find my review on my Goodreads: HERE. You’re awesome. Have a great day.

Emily x


Do you have any stories you want to share about your terrible bookmail, online shopping experiences, or “interesting” stories? I hope you never go through what I did. Comment below!

2 thoughts on “My bookmail horror story // Storytime

  1. OMG. THAT WAS STRESSFUL. XD haha. But I’m super glad it turned out okay in the end!! But seriously, the Australian post is the worst. I absolutely hate them. Grrrrr. They treat packages horribly. Once they stuffed this HUGE package of books into my tiny mailbox so all the covers got bent and torn. And I mean, who could I complain to, because they were review-copies from publishers. BUT STILL. IT’s JUST SO SO MADDENING HOW HORRIBLE THE POST IS. Ahem.
    Anyway, YAY that the book is safely in your life!!!! :D
    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!


    • Thank YOU for understanding my pain with the Australian post. I was more actually worried it was going to get damaged overseas. But nope, it was our post that messed up. Awww those poor books *gives you cake* although it will only partially compensate the tragedy of those book covers. Sometimes you’ve got to let all the feelings out. After that experience I still haven’t allowed anyone to touch my book (kinda traumatised).


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